Adnan Sami to his haters: Had to enter your house to clean the garbage

Adnan Sami

Singer Adnan Sami is in news once again. Sami who was earlier a Pakistani citizen had been granted Indian citizenship. His congratulatory tweet to Prime Minister Narendra Modi regarding the surgical strike drew him much flak from Pakistani. Now Sami is back with some more

Adnan Sami said, “The surgical strike was a necessary measure in order to clean the garbage from the neighbourhood, which Pakistan couldn’t. If my neighbour’s waste starts spilling over into my house, I have to tell him to do something about it. The neighbour in question then claims helplessness, saying that his waste is outside his control and he is getting affected by it too”.

  • Sami further added, “If his family is falling by this garbage, he has to take up the measures to get rid of it. that by cleaning the neighbour’s garbage, he is actually helping them and should be thankful instead of complaining.

    However, he also stated that it is important to consider the reason behind the Indian Army’s surgical strike. It was only in response to an unwarranted attack aimed at a terrorist camp.

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