Amrita Singh: I put together the entire wardrobe for my daughter Sara for Kareena Kapoor’s birthday

amrita singh and sara

Ever since Saif Ali Khan and Amrita Singh‘s teenage daughter Sara was spotted at Kareena Kapoor’s birthday bash, rumour mills have been buzzing that Amrita wasn’t happy with Sara’s outfit. In fact, there were rumours earlier that Amrita did not like Bebo and Sara’s closeness. But, the lady had cleared the air by saying that today’s kids have a mind of their own and she cannot influence their decision.

  • Now, Amrita has confessed that she has no problem with their equation and that the outfit that Sara wore for the bash was actually conceived by her. She said, “I have a problem with the way my daughter dresses? And I resent Sara’s rapport with Kareena? Absolutely untrue! I don’t have any problem with Sara and Kareena’s equation at all. I totally approved of Sara’s attire for Kareena’s party. I’m being hauled over the coals for disapproving of Sara’s outfit for the party. Let me tell you, I was the one who put together the entire wardrobe for my daughter that evening. I also dressed up both my kids, Sara and Ibrahim, for Saif’s wedding with Kareena.”

    Now, that should put a full-stop to rumours about Amrita’s disapproval of Kareena’s bonding with her children.

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