Fawad Khan gets twitter trolled badly after his diplomatic stance on India-Pakistan war

Fawad Khan

After Pakistani actor Fawad Khan‘s Facebook post that shared a diplomatic stance on India-Pakistan war, he has been trolled badly on Twitter. Well, the man who spoke about peace and still did not condemn the terror attacks in Uri has been receiving hate messages all the more now.

  • Check out some of the trolls that attacked Fawad Khan directly on Twitter:



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    Okay, so for those unknown, after the terror attacks in Uri, many political parties imposed a strict ban on Pakistani artists which mentions that they cannot work in India anymore. Fawad Khan was the main target because he has a few unreleased movies in India. It was also said that Fawad Khan had passed some nasty comments against India. Also, he gave a statement to the Pakistani media that for him country comes first. Finally, Fawad thought to clear the air on these issues with a Facebook post. But, the post only boasted of a diplomatic stand on the entire issue and he nowhere has written about condemning the attacks. That irked Indians even more and Fawad got trolled.

    This was the Facebook post written by Fawad Khan:

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