I value every breath of mine – Deepika Padukone on depression

Deepika Padukone on Depression

Not so long ago, Deepika Padukone had confessed about her depression which made the headlines and being a celebrity it’s not easy to talk about it out in the open.  But recently, Deepika dealt with the subject again and got teary-eyed as she spoke about working with the condition at a recent event organized on World Psychological Wellness Day. To help the others out there, Deepika had set up her own NGO, Live Love Laugh Foundation (TLLLF) along with the Indian Psychiatric Society and Indian Medical Association to help create awareness about mental health.

  • At the event, it was revealed that Deepika Padukone’s mom Ujjala supported her during this dark phase and helped get her through it. Deepika could not stop thanking her mom for all that she had done for her. She said, “My mother immediately knew what I was going through. We reached out for help and thanks to my doctors, I’m fine today. The people I was surrounded by supported me in my recovery. Even when I chose to speak about it, they were encouraging. I wouldn’t want to say that because I’m a celebrity, that’s why other celebs have also come out. I view them as other human beings and if my story has empowered someone to share theirs, I’m happy. There is no specific reason or cause as to why it creeps up on you. For some it could be environmental, for some it could be a traumatic past experience or simply just biological. It would be unfair to say that it is the result of the profession I am in. Why just the entertainment industry? Political, corporate, schools and colleges, there is stress everywhere. It just manifests in different ways. Today, I can say that I have become more aware. It has made me wiser. It has made me understand human beings. As a child, I have always been very perceptive and emotional and this has made me a little more sensitive to people around me. I value every breath of mine.”

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