Priyanka Chopra’s mother Madhu Chopra spills the beans on why PeeCee doesn’t want to get married

Priyanka Chopra with mom madhu chopra

Actress Priyanka Chopra is at the peak of her career and she is enjoying all the stardom overseas. Her second season of American TV show ‘Quantico’ is keeping her busy and she is also going to make her big screen debut with ‘Baywatch’ and that too in a negative role. Back home, she is looking at scripts and her Marathi debut production ‘Ventilator’ is soaring high since its release. With so much happening for this actress, she of course has no plans to get married anytime soon.

  • Her mother Madhu Chopra spoke about the same in an interview with a website. She was quizzed whether she doesn’t get worried about PeeCee’s marriage. She said, “I did. I used to. But Priyanka convinced me that she is in a very happy place and asked if I wanted to upset that. I said no. Then she said, ‘Let me be.’ So now, I don’t worry.” Woah, that’s a doting mother’s reply and we loved it. Take note all mommies!

    In the interview, Mrs Chopra also shared a funny incident from PeeCee’s life when a hero tried to pull a prank on her, but failed while shooting for a film. She said, “On one of the foreign shoots, they had to go mid-ocean and she was supposed to jump in and the hero comes and saves her. So they went out in the boat. She had not told anybody she could swim. The hero tried to play a prank on her. She jumped and they moved the boat away, thinking she’d believe she was drowning and make a noise. She did no such thing… she started swimming. She’s a very strong swimmer. She was enjoying herself in the water. The hero got so pissed.” Haha, that’s how the prank fell flat, but Mrs Chopra did not reveal the name of the actor. Smart huh!

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