Twinkle Khanna slams an online troll in her impeccable style


Twinkle Khanna is back with a bang. Akshay Kumar‘s fiery wife known to play with her words is back in the news. This time around she has slammed a random stranger for his annoying tweet. Well it so happens that woman are expected to change their surnames after they get married. Whereas men do not have t put with such a demand. But in present times it has become a woman’s prerogative if she wants to do so.

An unknown person decided to lock horns with Twinkle Khanna on the same topic. His persistent tweet asking her why she did not change her surname after marriage finally got him a response from Mrs Funnybones. But t was not what he expected. Twinkle Khanna with a single tweet put an end to this guy’s annoying tweets on why she did not change her surname’.

  • Mrs FunnyBones tweeted,

    Hope this comes as a warning to all do not mess with Mr. Khiladi’s better half.

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