Actresses who have never missed a chance to stay in the limelight!

Actresses who have never missed a chance to stay in the limelight!

In Bollywood there’s something known as good fame and bad fame, but some actresses just focus on the word fame! Every actor struggle in Bollywood, but some just don’t want to use the shortcut. Actresses that never want to go out of fame are doing different stunts and making provoking statements to be captured by media, and public.

Let’s see some of the actresses that are successfully gaining so much attention!  

Sapna Bhavnani – Salman Khan

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Celeb hair-stylist Sapna Bhavnani called the Dabangg Khan a ‘male chauvinistic pig’. The stylist had a number of heated face-offs on the show with Khan, and looks like she is still simmering with repressed anger.

Sapna said, “(It was a) f***all experience. You have a male chauvinistic f***ing pig as a host of this f***ing show, that insults people, so people watch the show, and people worship him on the show because people want a job in one of his stupid f***all movies where he dances like a monkey – that’s Big Boss in a nutshell.”

The reason for Bhavnani’s anger is as yet not revealed by her. This is not the first time that she has lambasted the actor. Earlier too, she had blasted the actor for his ‘rape remark’. Later, the stylist was trolled by die-hard fans of the Dabanng Khan on social network.

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