Bigg Boss and it’s 10 most shocking moments of all time!

Bigg Boss and it’s 10 most shocking moments of all time!

Bigg Boss is that one reality show which is on it’s 10th season now, but the excitement increases with every season. We all love the fights, scandalous moments and some unexpected PDA’s that our celebrities surprises with! Every, Bigg Boss season had some of the moments we can’t ever get over with, as they entertained us for almost a year!

Let’s have a look at one of the most scandalous moments of Bigg Boss.

Priyanka Jagga

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Priyanka Jagga is the first contestant in the histroy of Bigg Boss who was evicted by Salman Khan himself, because she was misbehaving with the her fellow contestants. She apparently went through a miscarriage in the show, and this was the reason Gynecologist was called in the house. And after her eviction her brother Sandeep Jagga went on social media and said, “Unkai Show kai liya apna Bacha maar dai kya. Ab koi bhi jeet jaya BB ki sari TRP hum apnai ghar lai aai ya hi sach hai. Dwa mai Yaad . Picture Abhi Baki hai mere Dost. (Should she kill her baby for the show?).”
Later, Priyanka also went live on Facebook and spoke against Salman Khan.

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