Bollywood celebrities and their shocking confessions!

Bollywood celebrities and their shocking confessions!

Bollywood industry is colorful and glamorous, but we fail to see the dark side of this industry! Actors are good at putting up a happy face, even when they go back and think about what happened might give us all goose bumps. No doubt, every coin has two sides!

Let’s see these candid confessions of actors that might scare and entertain you at the same time!

Sunny Leone confesses!

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Sunny said “I do have some family here in India and they didn’t know about my career in the adult entertainment industry till it was splashed all over the papers here! A couple of cousins who knew who I was were very supportive (I am not allowed to say who they are because they’ll get into trouble!) But yes, my family here was very shocked when they found out. I am still working on trying to get that relationship back to what it was.”

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