Bollywood celebs journey from rags to riches!

Bollywood celebs journey from rags to riches!

Many of the Bollywood stars who have reached at the peak of their careers were not born with a silver spoon, nor did they have a Godfather to launch their filmy careers. It was pure hard work all the way. Before films happened, many of the B-Town actors did odd jobs just like a common man does to earn money.

It was only destiny and hard work that saw them attain unimaginable amount of stardom in films. And, here we would like to bring to the fore all the B-Town celebs who did really odd jobs before working in films.

Arshad Warsi

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Actor Arshad Warsi who is known for his perfect comic timing in the films was earlier a door to door salesman. He also worked in a photo lab. But, he had a keen eye for dance and got an offer from Akbar Sami’s Dance group in Mumbai that started his journey as a dancer and choreographer and eventually an actor.

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