Bollywood’s casting couch stories that shocked the nation!

Bollywood’s casting couch stories that shocked the nation!

If you thought the film industry is all about glamour and fame, then that’s not the case. The industry too has it’s dark side, just like every coin has two sides. And casting couch is one such aspect of the dark side that is still prevalent in Bollywood, but not openly discussed. Unfortunately, some of our B-Town celebs fell prey to casting couch and got embroiled in controversies.

So here’s the list of all those Bollywood celebs who got embroiled in unfortunate controversies thanks to their casting couch incidents:

Geetika Tyagi

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Actress Geetika Tyagi of ‘One By Two’ fame had placed allegations against filmmaker Subhash Kapoor for sexually abusing her. A video was leaked on the net where we could see Geetika slapping the director and he accepting his crime. Soon after the video went viral on the net, a case was registered against Kapoor.

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