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In Photos: Bollywood stars’ incredible journey from fat to fit

Alia Bhatt
In Photos: Bollywood stars' incredible journey from fat to fit

Ever felt tired of your fatness? Look at these celebs and get motivated to hit the gym! These celebs were once too fat and didn’t care, but it was time and they shed all that flab with persistence. These are the celebrities who are the perfect example of sweating it out and how!

Have a look at these successful celebs who were once too chubby:


Alia Bhatt is now the super sexy diva who was also a fat kid in her earlier days. Her weight was around 68 kgs once and since then she makes sure she eats 8 times during the 24 hour cycle. She is also a big time foodie and loves eating junk food but then since she wanted to get into acting, she made sure to get in shape.


Arjun Kapoor wighed 140 Kgs during his early days and couldn't run for even 10 seconds. If we look at Arjun Kapoor now, we can consider him as our role model when it comes to reducing weight. He currently weighs around 70 kgs.


Kareena gained a lot of weight due to her pregnancy and was not ashamed to flaunt it. Since then, she has been regularly working out and maintaining her diet to get back to her 'bebo' figure.


Katrina Kaif made some huge changes in her diet and her workouts to make sure she has a much sexier body. She believes there's no substitute for reducing weight and thus believes in hardcore training.


Parineeti Chopra was around 86 kgs before she stepped into Bollywood. She is a big time foodie but then decided to cut down as she got fed up with her body and motivated herself to lose weight. She now weighs somewhere around 58 kgs.


Sonakshi Sinha was one of the most famous fat actors. She weighed around 90 kgs when she entered Bollywood an now has come down to 60 kgs.


Zareen Khan has lost 43 kgs after her 12th grade and now weighs around 57 kgs.


Adnan Sami has had an incredible weight loss journey. His weight before was 230kg and now has come down to 75kgs. Reports suggested that he lost around 10.5kgs per month.

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