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Photos: These facts about Rani Padmini will leave you speechless!

Deepika Padukone in Padmavati
Photos: These facts about Rani Padmini will leave you speechless!

Sanjay Leela Bhansali’s movie ‘Padmavati‘ is based on Queen Padmini and she is known as one of the most beautiful queens in history. We found some unknown facts about her and they are quite intriguing. Did you know that, she was not an Indian? And apart from being most beautiful, she was also well versed with warrior skills. A poem written by Mallik Muhammed Jayasi in 1540 on Rani Padmini was almost after 200 years of Khilji’s death. So people consider it as fiction too.

Check out these facts below:


Rani Padmini was not an Indian. Jayasi's poem talks about the kingdom of Simhala-dvipa,where she belonged and now that place is known as Sri- Lanka.


Rani Padmini had a talking parrot who told King Rana Ratan Singh about her unparalleled beauty. After listening to that, he couldn't stop himself from falling for her and being a part of the Swayamvar.


Swayamvar obviously had a twist and Rana Ratan Singh had to fight with a fighter to win Rani Padmini. Turns out that Rani Padmini was the fighter herself. Eventually she lost the fight with her would-be husband. Later both got married. This shows that she was just not the epitome of beauty but much more than that.


Raghava Chetan was the Raj Purohit of Chittor. But he uses to worship the evil. And after Raghava was caught, he was thrown out of the kingdom. Due to this, he joined hands with Khilji and provoked him to win Chittor by describing Rani Padmini's beauty.


When Khilji heard of her glorifying beauty, he wanted to see her in real to believe it. So he visited Chittor. But Rani Padmini sensed his evil plans and refused to meet him. But after Rana Ratan Singh persuaded her to meet him once, she only allowed him to watch her through a mirror reflection. And Khilji was so mesmerized, that he wanted to win her over.


Later, Khilji kidnapped Rana Ratan Singh and asked Rani Padmini to surrender. But the queen sent 700 Rajput troops to fight them. Eventually, when there was no other way left, she preferred jumping in Jauhar Kund instead of losing her honor to Khilji and his army.


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