In Pictures: When fans attacked Bollywood actresses

In Pictures: When fans attacked Bollywood actresses

Bollywood actresses have millions of fans all over the world, and they love and respect each of them, but there are few fans that get too obsessive and try to get close to these actresses they love, or are obsessed with! They get attacked and followed by them. Some of the fans even try to do the weirdest things to grab attention.

Let’s have a look at these actresses who became victims to such obsessive fans.

Dia Mirza

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Dia Mirza who won the Miss Asia Pacific in 2000, was seen in Bollywood movies too, though she did not work for a very long time, but she has a lot of fans all over! She was once harassed by a medical doctor, who was calling her and was even trying to get into her house and later Dia filed an FIR against that man.

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