Bigg Boss 10: Actor Rahul Dev admits he is here for money

Bigg Boss 10: Actor Rahul Dev admits he is here for money

Television’s much-loved show Bigg Boss is back once again with its most lovable host Salman Khan. Unlike each year this season is different as it has not only celebrities but commoners too. Celebrities enter the house to gain some fame and also the money. Recently one of the celebrity contestants confessed that he is a part of Bigg Boss 10 for money.

The celebrity in question is none other than Rahul Dev. The actor is famous for his negative roles in Bollywood films.

Rahul Dev had confessed that he is entering the controversial reality show for financial reasons. He said, “I am doing ‘Bigg Boss’ due to financial reasons. I did the show for my son Siddharth who is studying abroad. I need the money to support his education. This time I was offered a good deal so I agreed to do the show.”

He further added, “I was invited for the previous seasons of ‘Bigg Boss’ as well but earlier I was not keen on doing it. This time when they approached me it was a spontaneous decision. I just came on board two days before it went on air.”

Rahul Dev is not only famous for negative roles in Bollywood but has made a name for himself down South too.

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