Did we just hear that Katrina Kaif is joining Twitter?

Did we just hear that Katrina Kaif is joining Twitter?

Actress Katrina Kaif who has stayed away from the social media for a long time made her entry on Facebook this year, on the eve of her birthday.

Now, we hear that the actress is soon to make a splash on Twitter, thanks to the overwhelming response she received on Facebook.

Here’s what she said to a well-known daily, “Because I believe that you need to have a platform for your own voice and also that you can directly speak to your own audience. Otherwise what happens is what’s going out about you is what the media have decided which is print worthy or news worthy. I was feeling that I should have a place where if I feel something or even if it’s an incident I can share it directly with the audience. Twitter is in the plan, in the agenda but I don’t know when. Twitter is more instant for your reactions whereas Facebook is more of a reflection to your personality.”

So, does that mean the actress will soon debut on Twitter? It will be an amazing time to see Kat expressing her thoughts and voicing her opinions on various topics via Twitter.

Let’s wait to see when this ‘Baar Baar Dekho’ actress plans to debut on Twitter. Until then, we can keep the guessing game on, right?

Workwise, Katrina Kaif has the romantic film ‘Baar Baar Dekho’ opposite Sidharth Malhotra which is slated to release on September 9.

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