Kangana Ranaut takes a dig at Hrithik Roshan, again!

Kangana Ranaut takes a dig at Hrithik Roshan, again!

Bollywood actors Kangana Ranaut and Hrithik Roshan are once again in news. The ‘Queen’ actress has time and again been quite vocal about the alleged affair. Recently the beauty once again took a dig at the ‘Bang Bang’ star on the Neha Dhupia show.

Kangana Ranaut said that whatever Hrithik Roshan has achieved today is all thanks to his famous parents. If he was not the son of Rakesh Roshan, he wouldn’t be anywhere close to the superstardom he has achieved today.

She further added that, “Thank God they have famous parents or they’d be nowhere”

The two good looking stars were apparently in a relationship when they were filming for ‘Krrish 3’. Things turned sour between the two for reason unknown. The feud between them started with rumours of Hrithik unhappy with Kangana being considered in ‘Aashiqui 3’. Soon the actress retorted with, “I don’t know why exes do silly things to get your attention.”

Soon intimate details of the two went viral on the social network, with Hrithik taking a legal action against Kangana. Now it remains to be seen if Hrithik will retaliate or will he decide to ignore?

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