Really! Priyanka Chopra dating ‘Thor’ actor Tom Hiddleston?

Really! Priyanka Chopra dating ‘Thor’ actor Tom Hiddleston?

If you have seen the Emmy Awards ceremony that recently happened in Los Angeles, then you would have seen the moment when global icon Priyanka Chopra presented an award with ‘Thor’ actor Tom Hiddleston and the two shared some close vibes there. A source had said, “Tom had his arm around her and held her close. Priyanka fixed his bow-tie and the two kissed on both cheeks.”

Now, ‘Glee’ actress Lea Michele said that the two are indeed dating. Woah! That’s a fabulous news, isn’t it. It so happened that Lea was asked if she would date Hiddleston and her reply was enough to let the world know about PeeCee’s special someone. She said, “He has got too much going on. I can’t get with that. Now there’s Priyanka Chopra, he loves her, they were flirting.”

Tom was earlier dating Taylor Swift but their affair lasted for just 3 months, before they parted ways. Now, is this is indeed true, then we are awaiting an official confirmation from the lady herself.

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