Salman Khan patches up with Huma Qureshi

Salman Khan patches up with Huma Qureshi

Salman Khan is known to rarely forgive his enemies. A number of celebrities who have landed in the Khan’s bad books realise this truth. But in a surprising turn of events one gorgeous beauty has finally bonded with the Khan after a fall out. This was none other than Huma Qureshi.

Yes, rumours of Sohail Khan’s growing proximity to Huma hit the Khan hard. He was not happy with these rumours that were apparently the cause of a rift between his brother and sister in law. Reportedly, Sohail and his wife Seema Khan had also started living separately due to the same but the two are back together. Salman holds his family above all therefore he had stopped talking to Huma making his displeasure clear on the matter. Earlier this year at Baba Siddiqui’s Iftaar party, he had given Huma a cold shoulder.

But looks like as all the other things in Bollywood, where friendships and relationships change with time. Salman in a very rare case seems to have forgiven Huma. They were seen in a deep conversation and also exchanged pleasantries at the sangeet ceremony of Sania Mirza’s sister, held in Hyderabad. They were even spotted posing together for a group picture at the sangeet ceremony.

Looks like things have been sorted out between the two.

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