The reason Anurag Kashyap hated Arjun Rampal for seven years

The reason Anurag Kashyap hated Arjun Rampal for seven years

Anurag Kashyap recently visited Hindu College in Delhi. The acclaimed director seemed to be in a nostalgic mood as he interacted with the students and shared many an interesting anecdote with them. The most interesting fact the director revealed was the grudge he held against Bollywood actor Arjun Rampal.

Anurag Kashyap revealed that he was dumped by a girl who fancied the Bollywood hunk Arjun Rampal. Therefore he ended hating the actor for seven years. he said, “There was this girl from Miranda who ditched me for Arjun (actor Arjun Rampal) and I hated him for seven years.”

He further added all about changing his career after a meeting with Imtiaz Ali. Anurag had aspired to become a scientist until he met director Imtiaz Ali, a Hindu College graduate. Anurag also praised Shah Rukh Khan and confided that he has been trying to follow the superstar’s footsteps since long now.

He said, “It was Imtiaz and Sunit, another friend from Ramjas who inculcated the love of theatre in me. He had a theatre group in Hindu (referring to Ibtida, the dram soc of Hindu college). Main uske peeche ghoomta tha acting ke liye and in 1993, we planned to move to Mumbai,” said the Gulaal director, adding, “We actually followed Sharukh’s (actor Shah Rukh Khan) footsteps and when Sharukh got name and fame, everyone thought they could also do it.”

He opened up on his struggle with the censor board right from his first film ‘Paanch’. He said, “Censorship changes with whoever is leading it. According to them, our audience is not ready for such content and we always say ki hamari audience bachche nahi hain. They know what they are watching.”

What will be Arjun Rampal’s reaction on reading about Anurag’s revelation?

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