‘Beiimaan Love’ movie review: No story only skin show

‘Beiimaan Love’ movie review:  No story only skin show

Cast: Sunny Leone, Rajniesh Duggall

Director: Rajeev Chaudhari

Rating: ★

Rajeev Chaudhari’s directorial ‘Beiimaan Love’ is touted as a revenge drama but is all skin show.

The film stars Sunny Leone in two different avatars. In the first half, we have Sunaina Verma (Sunny Leone) a rising successful entrepreneur. A hardworking executive who meets the man of her dreams Raj Malhotra (Rajniesh Duggal).  She soon falls in love with him and dreams about a happily ever after life with him.

But, betrayal follows and in the second half, the beauty is a woman out for vengeance. As they have aptly said that “Hell hath no fury like a woman scorned.” The lovers are soon out to destroy each other. But somewhere the embers are still burning, soon Raj starts feeling guilty about his actions.

Will Sunaina forgive him for his deeds? Or will she wreck vengeance on her betrayer? All these and many more questions will be answered when you watch the film.

On the acting front, Sunny Leone and Rajniesh are adequate, but the audience is not in there to watch their theatrics. The two look sizzling in the skin show on display to hook the audience. Sunny should try to avoid such poorly scripted films at this point of her career. Duggall has done well in some scenes but there is not much for him to show his acting skills. ‘Beiimaan Love’ also marks the acting debut of Sunny’s husband, Daniel Weber.

The script is too common to leave a mark. The songs too are not something that the audience will remember the moment they step out of the theater.

All in all, this is surely an avoidable film for the theatres.

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