‘Firangi’ movie review: A stretched story with unimpressive performances

‘Firangi’ movie review: A stretched story with unimpressive performances

Directed By: Rajiev Dhingra
Produced By: Kapil Sharma
Cast: Kapil Sharma, Ishita Dutt, Monica Gill
Duration: 2 hours 40 minutes
Rating: 2.5/5

Kapil Sharma is slowly and steadily making his mark in the Bollywood industry with his films. While his first was a romantic one, his recent release ‘Firangi’ is based on the 1920 pre-Independence era. Though the movie shows a rather serious story, Kapil has his comedy in place for this one as well. After all, we can’t imagine a show or a movie without Kapil’s humour, right?

Talking about the movie, the story takes us back in the time when Britishers were ruling India. Manga (Kapil Sharma) belonging to a village in Punjab is in need of a job, since none of the villagers regard him as anything worthy. He is jobless and is always cursed by the people around him, but there’s one thing nobody can beat him at. It is his power to kill people’s pain by kicking them on their back. This lands him a job at a camp, which is offered to him by a British officer Mark Daniels (Edward Sonnenblick). He obviously takes up the job only to impress his love interest Sargi ( Ishita Dutta) so that he can get married to her sooner than later. But, Sargi’ s grandfather Lala ji (Aanjjan Srivastav) is not in approval of him as he thinks Manga is merely a servant of the Britishers whom Indians are wanting freedom from.

While there’s one struggling love story building up between Manga and Sargi, there’s another tension building up in the village. This one’s between the local King Raja Inderjeet Singh and Mark Daniels. The two are wanting to collaborate to build a liquor factory, where Mark will eventually get a chance to marry the King’s London-return daughter Shyamali (Monica Gill). They’re now fooling the villagers including Manga for the land which in turn creates a lot of problems. Whatever happens after this isn’t difficult to predict as the story doesn’t hold a lot of suspense in it. The concept of the movie is really simple and it eventually feels like an inspiration of the film ‘Lagaan’.

Talking about performances, Edward Sonnenblick’s character as the Britisher has over-powered that of Monica Gill’s. Kumud Mishra ihas convincingly played the evil King throughout the movie. Kapil Sharma has given a weak performance and hasn’t impressed the mass with his humour this time. Ishita Dutta has been as average as Monica Gill in the movie. The dialogues too haven’t had as much impact as they were expected to make in this kind of a film. The music by Jatinder Singh too doesn’t impress much.

The movie gets a little boring and stretches towards the end. You can totally miss this one!

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