‘Force 2’ movie review: John Abraham is back as an action star

‘Force 2’ movie review: John Abraham is back as an action star

Cast: John Abraham, Sonakshi Sinha, Tahir Raj Bhasin

Directed By: Abhinay Deo

Produced By: Vipul Amrutlal Shah, Viacom Motion Pictures, John Abraham

Rating: ★★★

Bollywood hunk John Abraham is back with the sequel to his hit flick ‘Force’. This time around as promised the movie is paced much faster and the action sequences too are more thrilling. There have been instances where the sequels have not been at par with the prequel. But John and Sonakshi Sinha starrer ‘Force 2’ manages to capture the attention of the audience. The reason being that the movie is decently paced and has the added attraction of high octane action sequences.

John is back as ACP Yashvardhan, the cynical Mumbai police officer. It so happens that three RAW agents functioning in China are killed due to reasons unknown. The lives of the remaining RAW agents in China are in threat. Jai receives a courier which is actually a code sent by his friend in RAW (Research And Analysis Wing). This clue takes Jai to Budapest. Here he meets Agent KK (Sonakshi Sinha) who is his boss and partner on the mission to dig out the mastermind and save the lives of the other RAW agents. The duo are up against an international syndicate run by Shiv Sharma (Tahir Raj Bhasin). Shiv who looks like a guy next door has a mind of highly motivated criminal.

Will Jai and KK capture the mastermind? Will they be able to save the lives of other RAW agents? All this and many more questions will be answered in Abhinay Deo’s ‘Force 2’.

John Abraham has delivered efficiently. His super toned muscles are used well to get rid of the bad guys, and his fans will be quite happy with all that high octane action done by him. Specially where he is seen picking up the car, with all that muscles bulging out. It is sure to send his fans rushing to gyms to tone their bodies.

Sonakshi Sinha seems to have found her niche in action. After her smashing act in ‘Akira’, the beauty has gone a step ahead in ‘Force 2’. She is now ready to give a run for money to most of the action stars of Bollywood. But somewhere down the line the script bogs her down.

A special mention of the ‘Mardaani’ actor Tahir Raj Bhasin. He is the interesting element in the film. As Shiv Sharma the mastermind of crime he is show-stealer. Tahir has given as good as he gets, the subtle undertone of menace emanating from him will truly give you goosebumps.

Cinematographers Imre Juhasz and Mohana Krishna’s have captured the beauty of Berlin and Budapest. Breathtaking aerial shots are Force 2’s biggest attraction. Though ‘Force 2’ feels like a mash up of ‘Mission Impossible’, ‘The Peacemaker’and ‘Die Hard’. It is truly a genuine piece of work that brings to light the bane of a RAW agent. It is trying to get the undercover agents, who selflessly serve the nation, their due.

Do watch it for John Abraham. For as a entertainer ‘Force 2’ truly passes the muster.

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