‘Jia Aur Jia’ movie review: A story which should have been really effective but isn’t

‘Jia Aur Jia’ movie review: A story which should have been really effective but isn’t

Directed By: Howard Rosemeyer
Produced By: Mirza Askari
Richa Chadha, Kalki Koechlin, Arsalan Goni
1 hours 33 minutes

There are a lot of things in this film ‘Jia Aur Jia‘ said by Kalki Koechlin which we all agree with. The whole of this film preaches how to always be happy and in the moment while not giving up on life. While the message of this was really simple and clear, it hasn’t been as powerful as it should have been.

The film starts with Jia Venkatram (Richa Chadha) and Jia Garewal (Kalki Koechlin) being tour partners in the beautiful Sweden. Kalki plays the character of everything positive. She’s free, chirpy, vibrant and all things nice. She’s someone who can lift your mood in the minimum time possible. While Richa plays a character of a girl who is very quiet, calm and composed. The one who does not become a part of any madness whatsoever and chooses to rather stay back and be the moment. These two drastically different characters are out for their much-awaited tour. What nobody knows is that both the girls are secretly waiting for their lives to end, though in different ways.

The introduction of the film which should have shown a very positive friendship between Jia and Jia is solely saved by Kalki. Though directer Howard Rosemeyer did try to instill a lot of philosophies in there, where they talk about overcoming fear of death and to resist suicidal thoughts. But because of many loopholes along with poor performance, spoils to make a good start to the movie. Even though the intentions are true, the effort of putting them effectively goes wrong.

Kalki who is on the verge of dying, chooses to tie the knot with Arsalan Goni. Now this should have been inspiring in a lot of ways but because of Arsalan’s lack of expressions was the major thing which spoiled the message. Also, he doesn’t do much in the film even otherwise.

What we found shocking was Richa Chadha’s performance. She was exceptional in movies like ‘Gangs of Wasseypur’ and ‘Sarbjit’, but with this film, she’s gone down and how! She’s only sulking in the entire film and gets a lot uncomfortable in the most intense situations.

What worked a little for the film was Richa and Kalki’s camaraderie. Kalki though, has been the show stealer for this movie.

The movie is shot decently and has nice music to it with ‘Naach Basanti Naach’ to make you groove to its beats.

‘Jia Aur Jia’ is a one time watch and even if you skip this one, there’s no harm!


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