‘Phullu’ movie review: A beautiful love story shown with the backdrop of sanitary napkins

‘Phullu’ movie review: A beautiful love story shown with the backdrop of sanitary napkins

Directed By: Abhishek Saxena
Produced By: Kshitij Chaudhary, Pushpa Chaudhary, Anmol Kapoor, Raman Kapoor
Cast: Sharib Hashmi, Jyoti Sethi
Duration: 1 hour 36 minutes
Rating: 3/5

When we heard the word ‘Periods’ as a child, we only thought of it as lecture time during school days. As we grew older is when we got to know the meaning of periods and what it’s got to do with the female bodies. We now get to watch this film by the name ‘Phullu’, which talks about periods. And the first thing which comes to our minds is if it’s made on the same lines of Akshay Kumar‘s ‘PadMan’. But it isn’t, and you’ll know how…

Sharib Hashmi plays Phullu in the movie, who is the only man in the village who gets things for the ladies of his village from the nearby small cities. And since he asks for no money in return from the ladies, his mother and sister are always worried about his almost near to none earnings. That’s when someone suggests his mother to get him married to see some change in him. He then gets married but does nothing other than romancing his wife.

One fine day, his wife complains him of some itchiness around her vagina. The next day, Phullu is back in the small city to buy sanitary napkins as asked by one of the ladies in his village. This is when he meets a doctor who tells him the importance of using a sanitary pad and how women are prone to infections if they don’t use one. Phullu is now all charged up to make a difference in the ladies’ of his village’s life by introducing them to pads. He even tries to make low cost sanitary napkins just to make it affordable for them. But does he succeed at it? Read on…

Even though by now you must be thinking that the main focus in on the usage of sanitary napkins, but the film’s main plot revolves around a love story. The film might seem stretched in the first half and the screenplay could easily have been better, but it isn’t bad either. Also, the love story is just so important, so pay attention at it.

The director of the film Abhishek Saxena has nicely given out the message that he wanted to. Since his narration is too simple, the film will lose its commercial value. There are scenes which fall flat which otherwise should have been really engaging for the audiences’ watch. Like for example, Phullu’s trial at making a pad is very average and includes no drama whatsoever. There’s one particular thing which will bother you, which is when Phullu was searching for a lady to try out the pad that he had made, there was no single woman to agree to it. Why didn’t he then go to the woman who asked to get her sanitary napkins from the city? The film’s cinematography is really poor and with shaky camera angles, which again doesn’t work well for the film.

Now, about the performances, Sharib Hashmi has nailed it with his role as Phullu. Jyoti Sethi as his wife does an excellent job as well. Also don’t miss out on the chemistry between Jyoti and Sharib in the movie. Inaamulhaq’s cameo is the best part of the film. About the lady who plays Phullu’s mother, it gets a little irritating with her loud voice after a certain point of time.

In a gist, ‘Phullu’ is a love story with a backdrop of sanitary napkins and it’s a beautiful watch.

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