‘Ribbon’ movie review: is all about the travails of a married life

‘Ribbon’ movie review: is all about the travails of a married life

Directed By: Rakhee Sandilya
Produced By: Prakash Mondal,Swathi Mondal
Cast: Kalki Koechlin, Sumeet Vyas
Duration: 1 hour 45 minutes
Rating: 2.5/5

What happens when a double earning new age couple welcome a baby in their abode?. The end result is chaos. Yes, Rakhee Sandilya’s ‘Ribbon’ is all about a young couple who embrace parenthood when they’re least prepared for it. It is the story of Sahana (Kalki Koechlin and Karan (Sumeet Vyas) and the debacles of their life as the go through the nitty gritty of married life that is a far cry from the happily ever after read in books.

One fine morning, Sahana (Kalki Koechlin) a marketing professional is in for a shock when she discovers herself to be pregnant. Though her husband Karan (Sumeet Vyas) is over the moon , but Sahana feels that her life has come to jolting halt.

The movie not only brings into focus the new age couples who are engrossed in the respective careers but also their hurried lifestyle as they go through the upbringing of their child. The mother has to deal with the gender discrimination prevalent at workplace, while the father has to undertake additional assignments to pay off mounting debts. The movie has also touched upon the dangers that adolescent school children are susceptible to when left in someone else’s care.

The lead actors leave a mark upon the viewers with their acting chops. Kalki is outstanding as a reluctant mother and a harried professional. Sumeet on the other hand is a natural as a caring, loving husband. Though the supporting cast is jarring at times compared to the flawless acting by the lead actors.

Director Rakhee Sandilya has weaved a relatable story but has not been able to maintain the flow at many places.

All in all a watchable film.

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