‘Tum Bin 2’ movie review: Tries its best to remind you of ‘Tum Bin’ but fails

‘Tum Bin 2’ movie review: Tries its best to remind you of ‘Tum Bin’ but fails

Cast: Neha Sharma, Aditya Seal, Aashim Gulati

Directed By: Anubhav Sinha

Produced By: Bhushan Kumar, Krishan Kumar, Anubhav Sinha

Rating: ★★

When you are making a franchise from a hit film, of course the expectations are sky-high but it’s always been a difficult path for the makers because living up the first and the original part is always a tough task. In the case of ‘Tum Bin 2’, the makers try their level best to remind you of the first instalment ‘Tum Bin’ which released 15 years ago. ‘Tum Bin’ was a beautiful and romantic tale with newbies, but it was a surprise hit at the box office, in spite of being pitted against biggies. Let’s see how well ‘Tum Bin 2‘ with again new actors manages to score.

Just like the first instalment, the second one too has a love triangle. Neha Sharma’s character Taran is in love with Aashim Gulati’s character called Amar. Their vacation together goes awry as Amar goes missing after a serious accident. Amar’s father Papaji (Kanwaljit Singh) and Taran search endlessly for him, but he is not to be found. Six months have passed by and they come to the conclusion that Amar is no more, but his dead body is not yet found. Here comes Shekhar (Aditya Seal) who is introduced to Taran by Papaji as his friend’s son. Soon, love blossoms between Shekhar and Taran and before you thought that the story is over and she lives happily ever after with Shekhar, Amar retuns back. So, now its a difficult situation for Taran who has to choose between Amar and Shekhar. To know more, you will have to see the movie.

The cinematography is good but the story-line looks a bit dragged. None of the actors have managed to display the emotions required from their particular roles. Aubhav Sinha has tried his level best to relate the sequel to the original movie, but fails miserably. The VFX is also not upto the mark. The music of the film was the only saving grace. This movie is avoidable but if you’re a hardcore fan of romantic and emotional sagas, you could give it a watch.

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