‘Tumhari Sulu’ movie review: A sweet story with a melodramatic touch to it

‘Tumhari Sulu’ movie review: A sweet story with a melodramatic touch to it

Directed By: Suresh Triveni
Produced By: Bhushan Kumar, Tanuj Garg, Atul Kasbekar, Shanti Sivaram Maini
Cast: Vidya Balan, Manav Kaul, Neha Dhupia, RJ Malishka
Duration: 2 hour 20 minutes
Rating: 3/5

Vidya Balan was loved by all when she first played the role of a radio jockey in an earlier movie. Ever since we got to know that she’s doing the same kind of role for ‘Tumhari Sulu‘ we were sure that she was going to nail it and how!

The movie talks about a lower-middle class family consisting of a good-hearted man Ashok Dubey (Manav Kaul) who is married to a rather ambitious lady Sulochana (Vidya Balan). The two have a really cute 11-year-old son named Pranav. Talking about Sulochana, she is this woman with n number of hobbies and always finds happiness in the littlest of things possible. She once wins a prize from the radio station which makes her visit their office to collect her gift. While she is there, she’s already mesmerized by the environment there and learns about a vacancy for an RJ there. The next thing we see is her applying for the job and she getting it already! So apart from all the other nice things that she is, now she’s also an RJ for a late night show named ‘Tumhari Sulu’. Well, who could say no to such a wonderful lady?

Everything’s going just fine for Sulu whose how is headed by Mariam (Neha Dhupia) where she gets some training from Pankaj (Vijay Maurya). In no time, she becomes this really sensuous and sexy Sulu who gives all the men out there some relief just by talking to them through her show. But all can’t be glitter and gold all the time and hence, she starts facing issues back at home. No, we aren’t talking about her family not being supportive but the society who think that it isn’t a good idea for a housewife with a child to be an anchor in a night show. Now Sulu is in a fix because she has to battle between her dreams and responsibilities.

There’s nothing really unique about this story which will make you raise your eyebrows. But with Vidya’s amazing performance, everything becomes a fresh content and an enjoyment to watch. Manav Kaul has done a wonderful job at being a husband who is otherwise troubled a his work place which is a garment factory. Neha Dhupia fits in well for her role of Mariam and a cool boss. Vijay Mourya sure did make us laugh with his antics. Oh we also have RJ Malishka who plays her original role in the movie too and is quite effortless at it.

The first half will tickle your funny bone but the second half looks a tad bit stretched. But it is sure a watch for people who love a sweet family movie with a little bit of melodrama here and there.


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