Actors Gouri and Yash Tonk expecting their second baby after 13 years

Actors Gouri and Yash Tonk expecting their second baby after 13 years

Actors Yash Tonk and his pretty wife actress Gouri are all set to be parents a second time. The couple is over the moon as it will be after a gap of thirteen years that they will welcome their second child. Yash and Gauri had tied the knot in 2002 and within the first year of their wedding had their first child a daughter named Pari.

Gouri who is in her second trimester confirmed the news and said, “Like Pari, even this baby is unplanned. Pari was born two weeks before our first anniversary. She is elated and has started mothering me. She can’t stop thanking me.”

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She further added, “He (Yash) was ecstatic. Honestly, I didn’t expect anyone to react the way they did, including my extended family. After my first child, I wanted to get back to work. So, the plan to have another baby was put on the back-burner.”

On being asked if they had decided on a name for their baby, she said, “We hadn’t pre-decided our first child’s name either. Because I was sleepless during my first pregnancy, my doctor started calling me Pari, and that’s how we named the baby. I am waiting for another story to unfold, so that I can name my second child. I wanted my first child to be a daughter, but there is no preference this time around.”

Congratulation to Yash and Gauri Tonk for their baby who will be born in January 2017.

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