Ajaz Khan arrested for sending obscene pictures to woman

Ajaz Khan arrested for sending obscene pictures to woman

Bigg Boss contestant and Television actor Ajaz Khan, was arrested for sending obscene pictures to a woman. The actor was later released on a bail of Rs. 10,000 by a court in Borivili on Sunday. This is not the first time the actor has done so. He was also accused of sending obscene messages to a model earlier this year.

Ajaz Khan who had gained much popularity on the Salman Khan show, was accused by a hairstylist of sending her obscene pictures and objectionable messages. The 36-year-old woman said that the two had become friends on Facebook and had exchanged numbers. The lady was looking for an investor for her business and Ajaz had asked her to meet him at Filmistan studio.

The lady further revealed that Ajaz later started sending her pictures of his private parts and when she objected, he started abusing her. Therefore she filed an FIR against him at the Malvani police station on November 15.

Ajaz on his part termed the allegations as false and added that he was being targeted due to his celebrity status.

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