Akshay Kumar has the perfect words of strength for women to fight molesters

Akshay Kumar has the perfect words of strength for women to fight molesters

It’s become a common practice that every New Years Eve when thousands of people gather at a public place to celebrate the New Year, something untoward happens. Nothing’s changed even this year, as on New Years’ Eve, women on the streets of Bangalore were victims to mass molestation. The entire nation has been shamed by this incident which clearly throws light on the dwindling safety of Indian women and how the mentality of men is getting worse.

So, actor Akshay Kumar who is a role model and an inspiration for everyone, has shared a video wherein he speaks about how disgusted he is with the incident and how the typical male mentality of considering themselves to be superior is what’s costing the women of out country. Each and every word said by him is spot on and he coudln’t have said it any better.

Some of his words of wisdom are, “My blood instantly started boiling hearing the news, watching the hooligans dancing on the streets with no shame. Even if I didn’t have a daughter, I would still say if a society cannot respect a woman then that society has no right to call themselves human. And what’s more shameful is that people even justify after harassing a woman on the streets. Why did the girl wear short clothes? Why did she leave her house late in the night? Have some shame guys. A girl’s skirt isn’t short, it’s your thought that’s petty.”

He also encouraged the women to fight back and enroll themselves in martial arts to avoid such kind of situations.

Here’s the video which will definitely inspire you to take the right step:

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