This is what Amrita Singh has to say about her fight with Kareena Kapoor over daughter Sara

This is what Amrita Singh has to say about her fight with Kareena Kapoor over daughter Sara

Amrita Singh is upset with Kareena Kapoor over her daughter Sara Ali Khan were the rumours making headlines recently. It was revealed that Saif Ali Khan‘s first wife had a fall out with his second wife over her daughter Sara. Amrita felt that Kareena was influencing her daughter and she was not happy with it.

Sources said, “Amrita did not like Sara flaunting her midriff in the short top. The actress usually sports long flowing kurtas and churidar and likes Sara also to dress up in the same way (they even posed together wearing similar outfits for a magazine cover). If you see the youngster’s earlier pictures at award shows and events, you will find her dressed in either lehengas and tops or flowing kurtas covered from top to toe. She feels that Sara is now getting overtly influenced by her stepmom Bebo, while the fact is she wants to bring her daughter up the way she wants to.”

Finally, the fiery actress known for not mincing her words has decided to come clear on the whole subject. Rubbishing the reports she said, said, “Aaj kal mere naam ke bahut bill phaade jaa rahen hain (my name is being unnecessarily used). Let me tell you, today’s kids have a mind of their own, and they know how to exercise it. Even if I wanted to tell Sara or my son Ibrahim how to lead their lives—which I don’t—they would not listen to me. Luckily, Sara chose to complete her studies before pursuing acting. She attended Columbia University and then devoted attention to Bollywood. What if she had decided to not go to college? What could I do?”

Amrita Singh further added “At this moment, the one certainty about Sara’s career is that she will be an actor. She decided that at the age of 4. Having said that, let me very clearly state she has not signed any film as yet. We are waiting for the correct project.”

Let us see if Saif Ali Khan has to say something on the subject.

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