Anubhav Sinha spills the beans on ‘Ra One 2’

Anubhav Sinha spills the beans on ‘Ra One 2’

Filmmaker Anubhav Sinha has spilled the beans on sequel to the 2011 flick ‘Ra One’. He spoke about the same to a leading publication. Anubhav said, “Shah Rukh Khan and I are both keen to make ‘Ra One’ sequel. ‘Ra One’ is such a brand that you do anything with that brand it will always be very keenly awaited. And then it’s success will entirely depend on the way it is executed. So, my understanding which is probably not the most accurate, the day you announce the sequel of ‘Ra One’ it will be the most anticipated movie of the year.”

He further added, “We do discuss about making ‘Ra One’ again. But right now I don’t think he has time for it. I certainly don’t have. And also to begin that purpose, the first thing you need is a story and I don’t have one at this point. It’s not on a paper proposal yet.”

He also spoke about the box office fate of the movie by saying, “‘Ra One’ did Rs 163 crores business. It didn’t do as well as it was expected and meant to do. I agree with this point. “But, today you call a Rs 105 crores film a superhit. And it earned 163 crores in 2011, which is a big thing.”

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