Don’t be surprised! Priyanka Chopra has a clause in her contract for NO NUDITY!

Don’t be surprised! Priyanka Chopra has a clause in her contract for NO NUDITY!

These days there’s a lot being said and spoken about nudity in films. Now, actress Priyanka Chopra who has been shooting for the second season of ‘Quantico’ in New York was in the news for an intimate scene from ‘Quantico 2’ starring PeeCee and Hollywood actor Jake McLaughlin.

The actress has confessed in an interview with a popular entertainment portal that she is not too comfortable with nudity and has a “No Nudity” clause in her contract already. We are as surprised as you are!

Check out her take on nudity, “Yeah, nudity. For sure I wouldn’t do. Like, never. Also, I play bold parts but I don’t like a lot of skin show. I don’t know how to explain it. Like I was always in pantsuits but the intensity in the part was sexual. I don’t have to dress it (provocatively). I do it for magazine covers because it’s glamorous and pretty. One of the big reasons I did the show with ABC was because they’re Disney. So there’s only that much for the American standards that we can do on the show, which is pretty much as much as in Hindi films. There’s a difference between wearing a bikini and a bra and I understand that. Those lines are important to me.”

So, all those guys who have been waiting to see more of PeeCee’s intimate scenes in ‘Quantico 2’, you need to stop right there because she has clearly stated she won’t go completely naked. Well, we respect PeeCee’s decision and only hope that her second season is a roaring hit just like the first one.

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