Finally!! We have pictures of the mysterious ‘Bigg Boss’

Finally!! We have pictures of the mysterious ‘Bigg Boss’

Bigg Boss 10 is all set to premiere on colors channel this October. The much-loved show will be once again hosted by Salman Khan. Viewers will once again get to hear the baritone voice of the mysterious Bigg Boss in whose house the contestants spend around 90 days.

For years the voice has been an enigma. Though it is familiar to every person in the country. We have as yet not seen his face. Many have wondered about the man behind the voice. Finally, it has been revealed. The voice of Bigg Boss belongs to renowned voice-over artist Atul Kapoor.


Apparently, Atul Kapoor is ensconced in a secret room within the Bigg Boss home, from where he monitor all the Bigg Boss contestants throughout seasons.

Bigg Boss 10 will be premiering on October 16 and will have Deepika Padukone as the first guest on the show. Salman Khan will be unveiling the trailer of her upcoming Hollywood film ‘XXX’.

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