Gaurav Arora soon to make a comeback as Gauri Arora after gender change

Gaurav Arora soon to make a comeback as Gauri Arora after gender change

You’d remember Gaurav Arora if you’re a ‘Splitsvilla’ fan. He was one of the contestants in season 8 and now is going to be back on TV, but this time in a completely changed avatar. No, we aren’t talking about a makeover, but a sex change.

Gaurav underwent a reconstruction surgery last year and is now going to make his comeback on ‘India’s Next Top Model’. Changing his name to Gauri Arora, he’s now all set to walk the ramp for the show.

To a leading newspaper, Gauri mentioned about her journey after the transformation. She said, “I felt extremely beautiful. I was a tad apprehensive about the fact that I had to put on a bikini and walk down the ramp in front of seasoned judges but that only made my resolve stronger. It takes a lot of courage to accept the reality and come out in public. A lot of people out there already know about my struggle. I hope my stint on the show gives courage to a lot of people.”


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Gauri had spoken about her gender change in a lot of interviews before, where she had said, “I knew I was a woman from within since my childhood. I was always attracted to men, but my fear of being rejected and subjected to prejudice in society made me suppress my true identity. So, I would end up playing football as well as with dolls. People called me chakka (transvestite).”

Talking about ‘Splitsvilla 8’ h had said,  “I entered ‘Splitsvilla’ as a straight guy, but came out as a changed person and transformed into a woman eventually. I fell for a popular TV actor who came as a guest. I was a fan of his college rockstar image. We spent some ‘quality time’ together. For the first time, a guy made me feel like a woman. But I learnt that he was cheating on me with another guy. I was heartbroken and quit the show as I couldn’t take the rejection. The good that came out of it was that I decided to become and live as a woman.”

It was when Gaurav transformed himself, the man who Gaurav fell for started distancing himself. Said Gaurav, “He didn’t appreciate my transformation and doesn’t talk to me, even though we go to the same gym.”

We wish Gauri all the luck and strength to face the world with this big change.

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