Here’s why Preity Zinta lashed out against an airline on social media

Here’s why Preity Zinta lashed out against an airline on social media

Actress Preity Zinta faced some difficulties with an airlines company and lashed out against them on social media. It so happened that Preity had to board a flight from Mumbai to Delhi but she missed the flight and was furious with the airlines company.

Check out her tweets below:

A popular tabloid stated that Preity had to visit the capital city for an IPL Board meeting of her IPL franchise team, Kings XI Punjab. The source revealed, “The meeting was supposed to begin at 5.30 pm so it was important for her to catch the 3 pm flight. After she got off-loaded, Preity even tried to catch the next flight but it was full and the one after was too late for her to make it to the meeting. So she stayed back in Mumbai. She was to catch a flight to the US from Delhi on Wednesday night but had to reschedule her flight and will now fly from Mumbai.”

The spokesperson of the airlines company said, “A guest waiting in the lounge to board flight 9W 305 would not board the flight as the guest was awaiting a parcel to arrive for her at the airport. Airline staff met her a few times requesting her to board as it was nearing flight closure time. Unfortunately, the guest decided to wait for the parcel to arrive. The airline offloaded the guest’s check-in bag and offered her an alternate flight, which was declined.”

So guys, what are your thoughts on this issue.

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