Finally Priyanka Chopra reveals her true relationship status

Finally Priyanka Chopra reveals her true relationship status

Bollywood’s versatile actress Priyanka Chopra is riding high after the success of her American television series ‘Quantico’. The beauty is soaring in the West and has already appeared on more than 14 magazine covers till this date. Though her professional life is an open book not much is known about her personal life. But now with the latest interview that the ‘Mary Kom’ actress has given to a leading fashion website in the West the equation is all set to change soon.

Priyanka has revealed many unknown secrets of her life in the candid interview. She has opened up on how she had asked the director of ‘Baywatch’ to rewrite the script for her in the role which was in fact written for a male actor. Later she added that how she had earlier rejected ‘Quantico’ only to reconsider it later.

The most shocking of all was her revelation on her relationship status. She said, “I feel like something should be mine, so I protect myself. Not that I have not been in relationships. I have very much. Right now, I guess I’m in a place where it’s complicated. Thanks, Facebook.”

Reading this candid statement of PeeCee we realise that though the she is in a relationship it is complicated so she is unable to open up on it for now. Earlier too the actress had hinted that there is someone special in her life, but never opened up much on the subject. Her reluctance to admit has made her fans more curious. They are at tenterhooks trying to guess the lucky man’s name.

Hope PeeCee reveals the name of the man in her life soon.

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