Radhika Apte: If you want to see a naked body, see yourself in the mirror

Radhika Apte: If you want to see a naked body, see yourself in the mirror

Actress Radhika Apte who earned acclaim for her role in the movie ‘Parched’ has also had to face brickbats for the leaked love-making scene from the movie. Radhika is furious that the scene that was leaked long back has become the hot topic and the only topic of discussion among the people. In fact, wherever she goes, she is quizzed about it and that has only increased the level of frustration for the actress.

On Tuesday, at the launch event of Swatch watches, once again Radhika was quizzed by a reporter on the leaked scene from ‘Parched’ and Radhika got red in the face. Here’s what she replied back to the reporter, “Sorry, your question is very ridiculous. Controversies are made by the people like you. You saw the clip, you shared with other people, so you made the controversy. I am an artist… if I am required to do a certain job then I will do it. If you get out of your cocoon and look at the world cinema and what people are doing abroad and that is too successfully then you would have not probably asked this question. I am not ashamed of anything. People who are embarrassed about their own body are curious about other’s body. So if you want to see a naked body tomorrow, see yourself in the mirror rather than my clip. Then only we can talk about this.”

Now, after this reply we are sure things are quite clear and nobody would dare ask this lady again.

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