Ranveer Singh: Love is loosely thrown around, but it’s a big thing

Ranveer Singh: Love is loosely thrown around, but it’s a big thing

Ranveer Singh is a die-hard romantic at heart and he has always believed in taking the extra mile for the love of his life. However, with the recent reports of a tiff between Ranveer Singh and his alleged lover Deepika Padukone, everybody has been waiting to know more on this. Although, the actor stays unaffected in spite of the constant rumours surrounding his personal life and he opened up on the feeling of love in an interview with an entertainment portal.

Ranveer said, “Love is not just an emotion. Love is a concept that artists time immemorial have tried to express, understand, comprehend, experience, articulate but till date, it’s not ever been understood or explained. Love has to do with one’s soul. I believe we all have a soul in all of us. Love is loosely thrown around, but it’s a big thing. When you love someone, it is absolute purity. I always struggle to articulate what love feels like. But, it’s about a connection of souls.”

Ranveer further added that he is not disturbed anymore by the fake reports about his personali life. Said Ranveer, “When you are a professional actor, then by default you are a public figure. I have faced a lot of scrutiny about my personal life. There have been instances in my earlier years in the showbiz where I used to be perturbed, but I don’t anymore. I now have the maturity to understand that it comes with the territory. I don’t let it affect me because I know now that public memory is short. Therefore, the effect should be in a limited capacity. I don’t get fazed by the scrutiny. It does get irritating but not catastrophic.”

Hmmm, what are Deepika’s thoughts on love, we wonder!

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