Read all that Sooraj Pancholi’s sister has to say about the Jiah Khan episode

Read all that Sooraj Pancholi’s sister has to say about the Jiah Khan episode

On the occasion of Raksha Bandhan, actor Sooraj Pancholi‘s sister Sana Pancholi got candid with an entertainment portal, and while she was all candid about her brother Suraj Pancholi, she spoke about the entire Jiah Khan episode too. It’s a known fact that Jiah Khan’s suicide instigated an entire controversy wherein her ex-lover Sooraj Pancholi was accused of being the real reason behind her suicide.

His court proceedings are going on, but his sister Sana has a lot to say about the whole controversy. Here’s what she said to a daily,

It was a really tough time, because I can’t stand anyone saying anything against my brother and people tagged him as a murderer on social media.  I would respond back. But he would ask me to chill. Gradually I have. I am shocked that the everyone thought he was wrong. I didn’t even think about my brother once when I heard the news of her death. The only thing I was thinking about was her. I didn’t even think about the repercussions on Sooraj because I knew he hasn’t done anything wrong. I have had a hundred break-ups and thought my life is over. But it wasn’t, right? There’s always something that holds you back. We were just being strong and we just prayed a lot. Even when he was at the police station and he was arrested, there wasn’t a single change of expression on his face. He just looked the same as today. We knew that everything would get sorted. It’s still a difficult time because the case is going on. But now, we have reached the point where we know that the truth has to come out and nothing can change the truth.

Now, that’s a true loving sister standing up for her brother and we just hope that the final verdict on the case is announced soon.

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