Salman Khan wore real ‘Sultan’ on Bigg Boss 10!

Salman Khan wore real ‘Sultan’ on Bigg Boss 10!

Salman Khan is considered a fashion icon by his fans. They diligently follow the trends the actor promotes through his films. Recently the Dabangg Khan was spotted flaunting a jacket that had a tiger painted on it. This was on the latest episode of Bigg Boss 10.

Sources informed that the tiger painted on Salman Khan’s jacket is actually of a real one named ‘Sultan’. He lives in the Ranthambore Tiger Reserve National Park. The jacket has been designed by Bina Kak and created by Rohit Kamra.

  • Designer Ashley Rebello who designs Salman’s clothes for the show with Alvira Khan Agnihotri said, “Bina is a friend and animal activist. She has known Sultan since he was a cub. She had the jacket designed and sent to Salman. I have tried to adapt the show’s dual identities intact. When Salman takes off the jacket, he’s a common man and when he wears it, he’s a celebrity. We have been using different designers for creating the jackets.”

    Salman Khan will next be seen in Kabir Khan directorial ‘Tubelight’.

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