Shah Rukh Khan escapes a major accident during ‘Dear Zindagi’

Shah Rukh Khan escapes a major accident during ‘Dear Zindagi’

If you thought accidents occur on film sets only while filming an action scene, then this one will make you think. Superstar Shah Rukh Khan escaped a major accident on the sets of ‘Dear Zindagi’.

The incident happened when SRK and Alia were shooting a scene on the streets of Goa. For the scene, the actors had to cycle in a narrow lane and it was difficult to manage all the large sized equipment. Hence, a big tempo was called to load the camera and the crew was following the actors as they cycled. When they stopped cycling, the driver of the tempo didn’t realize and lost his control and ran in SRK’s cycle but hit the breaks on time, avoiding a major accident.

According to a source from the production team, “As soon as the tempo halted, Gauri Shinde and our DOP jumped on to the scene to ensure everything was under control. SRK escaped without a scratch. He even laughed the incident off and was up for a retake. But Gauri and the DoP didn’t want to risk it again. Also, they had already got the perfect shot.”

We are glad that King Khan escaped unhurt and look at the man’s spirit. In spite of such an accident, he still continued to smile away. That’s why he is the ultimate Baadshah of Bollywood.

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