Shah Rukh Khan pens down foreword for the book ‘SRK 25 Years Of A Life’

Shah Rukh Khan pens down foreword for the book ‘SRK 25 Years Of A Life’

Shah Rukh Khan the inspiration behind many who want to make it big in Bollywood. King Khan‘s rags to riches journey is any writers dream project. Though his journey to superstardom has been penned by many, we have one more entrant in this category. A new book on the Badshah’s life journey named ‘SRK 25 Years Of A Life’, written by Samar Khan will soon be on sale.

Samar Khan, journalist-author, wrote this amazing book on Shah Rukh Khan.The book covers the journey of Badshaah through his director’s perspective. The best is that Shah Rukh himself has penned the foreword of this book.

SRK wrote, “After all these years, sometimes I’m not sure whether I gave form and shape to the characters I played or whether they unwittingly give me more facets than there ever had existed. To have completed 25 years in this industry is a big dream for a boy who came from Delhi 29 years ago; a dream that worked only because directors dreamt it with me with an undying passion. What piqued my interest about this effort especially was that it wasn’t me giving an interview about my own life; it was the revisiting of my story through the lens of my directors.”

Samar Khan, journalist-author, who wrote this amazing book on Shah Rukh Khan said, “The idea came to me when I was doing my documentary on SRK, Living With a Superstar. He had said to me that he will leave a small part of himself behind in every character he plays and that he is a culmination of all his characters. That shocked me and gave me the idea to look at the actor’s life through the eyes of people who made these characters possible. The idea stayed with me and I mulled over it.”

It will be interesting to uncover some unknown facts of the much loved star.

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