Shocker! Did Salman Khan refuse to cast Fawad Khan in his film?

Shocker! Did Salman Khan refuse to cast Fawad Khan in his film?

Pakistani hearthrob Fawad Khan has been signed by Salman Khan for his next production. These rumours floated in Bollywood circles. The movie in question was to be directed by Nitin Kakkar. However as per latest reports the handsome actor is not a part of the film.

Rumours also suggest that Salman Khan is apparently not keen on casting Fawad in his film. This is due to the ban imposed on Pakistani actors by MNS.

Nitin Kakkar has said that he has not signed up Fawad Khan for any romantic film. The rumours of him signing any film with the Pakistani hearthrob are just rumours.

Speaking about the recent MNS threats calling to ban Pakistani actors, Nitin added, “An artist doesn’t belong to any religion or country. They are pigeons of peace who carry the flag of peace in their hands. So be it cricket, theatre, music or films, if you ban them then your last hope for peace will end.”

On his film for Salman Khan Production the director accepted that he is quite excited about working with Salman and B R Chopra. At present he is looking for actors but has not zerooed upon anyone till date.

We shall keep you updated on this soon.

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