Shocking! ‘Kaabil’ trailer leaked before release

Shocking! ‘Kaabil’ trailer leaked before release

The makers of action thriller ‘Kaabil’ were all set to release the trailer of the Hrithik Roshan and Yami Gautam starrer for 26th October launch, But they were in for a shock, as they realized that the much-awaited trailer was leaked online a full 15 hours before its official release. The production house therefore, had to hurriedly release their official trailer.

This is turning out to be a bane to Bollywood as their films and trailers are getting leaked online. ‘Kaabil’ too became a victim of rampant hacking and piracy that has hit the Hindi film industry. The trailer of their film was already shared by thousands of people even before its official release. Though Rakesh Roshan managed to control the damage before too many people shared the wrong trailer.

Rakesh Roshan said, “I’m shocked and saddened at this hacking or stealing or whatever it is. It’s obviously with a malicious intent. What pleasure can someone get by doing this? It’s just hurtful. But now we have upped the ante and are being even more vigilant around the movie release.”

He further added, “We had planned our marketing and Pr strategy around the actual date of the trailer launch . Now everything had to be changed at the last minute ”

Meanwhile, the producers are making every effort to track down the leak and plug it to prevent any future damage. Even then, tensions run high for a highly anticipated product.

Watch the trailer below,

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