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If you don’t remember these shows from 90’s, you haven’t lived your childhood well!

'Dekh Bhai Dekh' & 'Shaktimaan'
If you don't remember these shows from 90's, you haven't lived your childhood well!

The television shows of 90’s catered the whole family, it had no dirt, no conspiracies, no cra*, rather had love, affection and those kind of shows which could be seen with your full family. In 1990’s the shows offered to every age group.

Before the clever mother-in-laws and cheating husbands took over to the idiot box, the shows of 90’s surely had power to bring the family back in one room and enjoy the shows with full laughter and happiness.

So, let’s take you on a ride to the shows of 1990’s when the television was at its best!!


The most memorable fantasies series of television. We can surely not forget the title song of this show! From Kroor Singh to Roopmati, the Snake Queen - the characters were surely breathtaking!


This funny sitcom won hearts! The comic timing of the castes were superb, the show was produced by Jaya Bachchan. Navin Nischol, Shekhar Suman, Farida Jalal, amazing cast and we can surely not forget this show!


You remember the 'Phukkkk Phukkk'? Hah! Who cannot remember this favourite show of kids? It was one of the coolest Indian superhero of that time. Kids of that time used to buy the same costume like of Shaktimaan and used to shine among their friends.


A dominant mother-in-law and equally boisterous daughter-in-law, Reema Lagoo and Supriya Pilgaonkar won the hearts of viewers. This comedy sitcom was a super hit show. And yes, it was surely unlike the saas-bahu we see these days.


This show 'Hum Paanch' featured a nagging wife, five dysfunctional daughters, leading their lives in different manners. And amid all of them the husband finding it really hard to survive in the female-dominated house!


R.K. Narayan's 'Malgudi Days' used to be treat for kids of 90's. We all remember watching the show and if not show then we're sure you all must have read the book of the same name!


Pankaj Kapoor starrer 'Office Office' was an awesome show with a great logic! Just one word for this show and that's 'epic'.


A young show that made us peep into the high secondary school life! That time all the teenagers used to relate to this show!

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